This section describes the supported integrations with Conjur.

Secure DevOps/Developer Tools


Secure secrets in Ansible with Conjur

Azure DevOps

Support batch retrieval of secrets from Conjur securely through the Azure DevOps pipeline

GitHub Actions

Securely deliver secrets to your workflow test environment using Conjur


Authenticate a JWT token against Conjur to retrieve a secret value for use in a GitLab CI pipeline


Retrieve secrets from Conjur for use in Jenkins


Configure Conjur on client machines with Puppet

Spring Boot

Integrate the Spring Boot Plugin with existing and new Spring Boot applications to retrieve secrets from Conjur


Inject secrets from Conjur into Terraform manifests

Secure PaaS and Containerization

Cloud Foundry

Integrate with Cloud Foundry

VMware Tanzu

Integrate with VMware Tanzu


Integrate with OpenShift and Kubernetes


Integrate with Rancher


AWS IAM Authenticator

Authenticate with the AWS IAM Authenticator

Azure Authenticator

Authenticate with Azure Authenticator

JWT Authentication

Authenticates an application to Conjur using a JWT from a JWT Provider.

GCP Authenticator

Authenticate with Google Cloud Platform Authenticator

Kubernetes Authenticator

Authenticate with the Kubernetes Authenticator

LDAP Authentication

Authenticate Conjur users against an LDAP directory

OpenID Connect (OIDC) Authenticator

Authenticate with the OIDC Authenticator