What's Next?

Set or Change Admin Password

Set a password for the admin account if you have not already done so:

conjur user update_password -p <password-value>


You can only change the password for the user that you currently logged in as.

Explore the CLI

  1. Verify your logged in identity and Conjur account using conjur authn whoami.

  2. Use conjur --help to see the commands that are available.

    Because you haven't created any resources yet, most commands will not generate much output.

Create Resources in Policy

See Operations > Policy to get started creating resources in Conjur. Resources include but are not limited to:

  • Entities that require access to Conjur: users, groups, hosts, layers of hosts, layers to represent applications

  • Variables to represent secrets

  • Permits to give privileges to entities to access the secrets

Access the UI

In Conjur Enterprise, you can access the Conjur graphical user interface at https://localhost/ui. Sign in with the user name admin and either the API key or the password that was configured in the conjur user update password command.

Configure a High Availability Cluster

For Conjur Enterprise production-level configuration and high availability features, see High Availability Clusters.

Use our Tutorials

See our tutorials on https://www.conjur.org/tutorials/