Check authenticator status

Once the status webservice has been properly configured and the relevant user groups have been given permissions to access the status webservice, the users in those groups can check the status of the authenticator.


GET https://{Conjur-server-dns}/{authenticator-type}/{service-id}/{account}/status

URI parameters


The Conjur Server DNS name given during configuration.


The type of authenticator, for example authn-azure, authn-gcp

service-id The ID of the authenticator endpoint, for example AzureWS1

Not relevant for the GCP Authenticator endpoint

account The organization account name

The header must include the access token of the user that has access to the webservice. This user was added to the operators group defined earlier.

For example:

Token token="ewogICAgInByb3RlY3RlZC......Gw0TGtMIgp9"


If the authenticator is configured correctly, a response with code 200 is returned, with the following body:

"status": "ok"

If the authenticator is not configured correctly, an error code is returned with a reason for the error.

The following example is one possible error that may be returned:

  "status": "error",
    "error": "#<Errors::Authentication::AuthenticatorNotFound: CONJ00001E Authenticator 'authn-azure' is not implemented in Conjur>"